Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something to Remember

I had high hopes for the Prime Minister of the PA. He seemed to get it. He seemed to understand that it was up to the Palestinians to make their own future. He was against violence and armed militias and terrorist groups running the lives of the Palestinian people. He wanted to build businesses and infrastructure. He changed things in Nablus for starters. Not an easy feat. He was doing what I had been talking about for years.

I could excuse a lot from a man who is trying to take his people in the right direction. We can disagree on borders and divisions. Today however he sounded like every other Palestinian leader in the short history of the people. He ignored the Palestinian terrorism, the leadership and the peoples support of it as well. He talked about the IDF and its strikes against Qassam launchers.

"On Tuesday evening, the PA leader condemned Israel's "crimes against our people in the Gaza Strip and Qabatiya in the West Bank," and called on the international community to intervene immediately "in order to stop Israel's aggression against the Palestinian people."This is from an article on Ynet.

Once again in true Palestinian fashion he forgets about the qassams. He forgets about the eighteen people killed in qassam attacks. He forgets about the lives of the people living in Sderot who live under a daily rain of rockets and mortars. His government wants Israel to tighten the noose around the neck of Hamas. Oh the irony. His government wants us to do the dirty work. So excuse me Mr Fayyad if I wonder about the crimes against my people. The crimes that the Palestinians and Arab world are responsible for. Do not be mistaken. This is not a case of what came first the chicken or the egg. The definitive answer is that Arab violence came first. Arab intolerance came first. Arab hatred came first. Palestinian terrorism came before any roadblock checkpoint or wall. Don't let them or the world forget that.

submitted by Carol

Monday, December 17, 2007

Facebook Fantasies

Myself included, Facebook is not known for being the foundation of forward thinkers. There is a new post going around, at least among Jewish and Israel based Facebook "walls" that goes exactly like this:
Bush Heading to Jerusalem

President Bush will be in Jerusalem on January 9th to push his
"Palestinian State in '08" proposal forward with East Jerusalem as the capital.
This is President's Bush first trip to Israel since becoming
president. His goal is to convince the Israeli public that a Palestine State
with East Jerusalem as its capital is in their best interest and he has
the support of the American people. 21,150 people have signed the urgent
petition to the president. Send this to everyone on your list and ask
everyone to do the same. We need 100,000 signatures so President Bush
knows that we will not support the U.S. dividing Jerusalem. He has
mobilized virtually the entire world behind this plan. If everyone will just
get four friends to sign this we will have the 100,000.
Vote your opinion now.


Now, just like the next guy, I'd like a list of those 100,000 morons just so I can point and laugh. There's nothing that amuses me more than a moron. People that listen to Israelisms Podcast know this. And to have 100,000 of them? sides hurt just thinking about it.

The amazing part of this nit-witted petition is that there is not also a petition to pour a few billion shekels into an urban renewal program in East Jerusalem, which is what it needs and which is what it would take. There is no petition to improve the school systems in East Jerusalem. There is no petition to insure that, since we insist on keeping ALL of East Jerusalem, every citizen has full rights as Israeli citizens there.

Be careful what you pray for, "Oh Ye Petition Signers" just might get it!

Submitted by Charley