Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Great Columbia Give Away

You can get free speech at Columbia University. They spent the week advertising this leading up to President Ahmadinejads visit. I'm just curious. The people who got to sit in the auditorium didn't have to pay for their seats? I'm guessing tuition alone is not exactly free. I think it was false advertising. I got it for free from Fox News but really I had to pay my cable company so...So I think we can pretty much say this had nothing to do with FREE speech!

I will give the university points for making me feel smart. The President of the university was pumped because this would expose the students to Ahmadinejad. They would hear his ideas and dialogue would ensue. They would learn from it. I learnt everything I need to know about the man in kindergarten. I did not need to hear him live to grasp what he is selling. Open up a newspaper for Gods sake. Go on the web. He doesn't hide who he is.

President Bolinger thought he was like Braveheart. He was going to put the President of Iran in his place. He was tough. Called him out almost to his face. My God he was so enamored of his bravery he couldn't see the train coming down the tracks. He let Ahmadinejad have the last word. He got scolded by Ahmadinejad for being rude. After all he was invited to speak.

The speech went according to script. There were some parts in the beginning that made me feel dizzy. I thought someone had slipped me a date rape drug. But then he got to the part about Israel and the holocaust. The man was focused! He left nothing out. No stone unturned. No lies left untold. No accusations that were true. This is the pathological liar and sociopath I had come to know.

Now on to the Q&A section of the broadcast. We were going to hammer him with our stealth like questions. Well not we but the uber smart students of Columbia University. He could have answered those questions in his sleep. He didn't hesitate or need a moment to form his answers. The questions were so general and vague I think his kids could have managed. The questions were asked by the Dean of International something or other. He could have asked follow up questions. No homosexuals in Iran you say then what about the case of MrX who was stoned to death. Women are on a pedestal you say. Then what did Miss Y do that she is no longer alive because she was executed by your government. The big shots of Columbia didn't do their homework. Just for fun I would have told him that Israel just changed its name from Israel to The Zionist Entity. Then what would he call us?!

What Columbia did was an exercise in futility. They had their 15 minutes of fame and I got to be entertained for a bit. I also got to feel as if maybe I am smart. Anyone who needed that to learn who Ahmadinejad really is should be smacked upside the head. Anyone who felt he had some credibility should just be shot. Anyone who thinks that inviting sociopathic leaders to speak has anything to do with free speech should be sent to live in Iran.

Submitted by Carol

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yom Kippur

Most years I dread Yom Kippur. I hate to fast. The hardest part is the lack of caffeine. I can feel the withdrawal headache as we speak. This year I honestly don't feel that dread. I'm kind of at peace with the whole thing. I look forward to the day. For me it will be a day of looking inward. A bit of moral inventory taking. Probably should have done that sooner since Yom Kippur is when God seals the deal. At some point I usually have a little talk with God. Okay so I talk and I hope he listens! Its a ritual I have on Yom Kippur. The books are closed so Gods got some free time.

My favorite part of Yom Kippur is the silence. No cars. No honking. No people running errands. No TV's blaring. I like to walk around on the eve of Yom Kippur and take in the silence. It is like the world has ended. Knowing that's not the case makes it less spooky! I don't think there is another part of the world where this happens.

To the readers of our blog who are Jewish I would like to wish an easy fast and Gmar Chatima Tova which roughly translates means a wish that you finish with a good signature. That you get signed into the book of life.

Submitted by Carol

Headline News

People never cease to amaze me. Our government leaders being at the forefront of this group. I could laugh but then I realize they are getting paid and a salary much higher than mine. This makes them considerably less amusing in my eyes.

I went to see what was going on in the news. Imagine my shock to see the headline "Gaza a Hostile Entity"Shock and awe. The cabinet voted for this proclamation. No one voted against it. What an accomplishment. The kicker is that they did this so they could enforce sanctions on Gaza adding that they would use none that would harm the Palestinian civilians. I can't wait to hear how that will work. What kind of sanctions could those be? Will they not allow the Gazans to watch crappy Israeli TV? Lucky Gazans. Don't get me wrong. I am all for tightening the noose around Hamas' neck. I just don't think we had to go this route to do it. We state the obvious so we can do what? Make more silly statements. And okay I do like the extra hot channel on TV.

We however are not alone in this. The next headline was "Hamas is a hostile group" That came from our BFF Condeleeza Rice. You go girl. Say it sista. Hamas a terrorist organization who wants to destroy Israel is hostile. Maybe they just need a little anger management.

No worries. The leaders of Hamas get there moment too. We are fair. So Hamas has decided that "Cabinet decision a declaration of war." Yeah yeah yeah. Heard it all before. Yawn. Their loosing their creativity as they twist reality. They keep making the same stale statements. Now Iran is still a bit entertaining. At least until they try to nuke us. But in the mean time they have said "We can bomb back" This in reference to their claim that we might try to bomb them because of their nuclear capability. Well so what. We'll just bomb you right back. Hah! Man am I good when it comes to a smack down with Iran.

Do not fear for Israel. Yes our leader is a moron. Yes we are surrounded by enemies. But the Israeli army is on the job. The latest headline about the army and its plans to rehabilitate itself proves we need not fear because "IDF Forms Dance Troupe to Fight Draft Dodging" Oh hell, I'm going to the bomb shelter now!

Submitted by Carol

Monday, September 10, 2007


The eternal question. Why should this year be different than any other year. The holidays are upon us. No where to run. So today I braved the mobs of Israelis buying food for their holiday celebrations. As all good Jews know you can never have too much food. Add that to the fact that stores will be closed for three days. Holy crap! We could starve. What if they never open again?! We must buy more food! So I am pushing my cart which is groaning under the weight from all the food and I make it to the check out counter. I look at the persons cart in front of me. Oh my God! They have more food then I do. Doubt quickly sets in. I obviously did not buy enough. Never mind that they are feeding a family of twenty and I am not. I just know we are going to be hungry.

Now I am back home. The deed is done. Could I please relax now. Hell no! The gefilte fish is not made yet. No fish from a jar for this family. Everything else on the table is mere window dressing for the gefilte fish. The making of the fish starts tomorrow. Until then I worry. Will it be a good batch this year.

Every year it is the same story. Worry and stress and cleaning and cooking and a touch more stress. But as every year once the food is on the table its such a great feeling to have my family around. Things are once again right with the world. Syria wants to run to the UN security council for yet another resolution. Iran wants a seat on the security council. I yes. Things are as they always seem to be.

In case I don't have time before I make the fish I'd like to wish all of you a shana tova.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Need Chocolate

Its not enough we have this conflict going on here. We seem to need more problems. Do I have to get aggravated every time I read the paper? I need some chocolate to make me feel better. I don't know if it was a slow news day but the front page of Haaretz talked about Neo Nazi Skinheads. In Israel! They have some how slithered into this country. They are Russians. Let them not be confused with 99% of the Russians who immigrated to Israel and are good citizens. These are the guys the Russians don't even want.

They seem to be concentrated in the Petach Tikva area. They harass the Orthodox Jews of the area. They use violence. Ever met a skinhead who did not use violence? They desecrate anything Jewish. Synagogues and graveyards. A fun outing for them is to go to Tel Aviv and attack foreign workers. A gang of eight were arrested last month. Being the good little Nazi's they are things were well documented on their computers.

First thing that needs to be done is to make these groups illegal. Don't look so shocked. I've come to discover that the empty headed members of Knesset have been working on a bill for two years outlawing Nazi symbols. These skinheads need to stand trial and receive the maximum sentence each time. Then the parents need to be dragged in. You don't have an underage kid who is a neo nazi and then get to take no responsibility for it. I'm not suggesting jail time but lets everyone see who you are. The last step is to return the trash to where it came from. One conviction you get jail time. Second time around you are outta here. I think that's quite generous of me.

Anyone is allowed to hate. They are allowed to say repugnant things in their homes. They can talk trash to each other on the street. Once someone is verbally or physically attacked the line is crossed. Free speech ends and a crime has occurred. One of my wishes for the New Year is that we see justice prevail against these skinheads. Justice of biblical proportions.

Submitted by Carol

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Page 9 Below the Fold

Sometimes its the little stuff that gets my attention. Okay maybe most of the time. In any case a docudrama is being filmed in Israel. It is the story of the Altalena. The Altalena was a munitions ship brought to Israel by the Irgun which was led by Menachem Begin. The Irgun was a pre state underground militia. The Altalena was bringing in arms to help support Israel in its war of independence. Had the arms gotten through there would have been a different picture today.

The Altalena was late. Instead of arriving in May it arrived in mid June. There was a truce in the fighting at this time. Begin at first tried to send the ship back. It was already on its way to Israel. The provisional government headed by Ben Gurion knew about the Altalena. This government decided to bring the ship in during the truce period.The ship was supposed to anchor off of Tel Aviv.The Ministry of Security had them change the landing site to the area of Kfar Olga or Kfar Vitkin near Netanya. This was supposed to be done to avoid the UNO observers. Nothing seemed amiss. The important thing was the unloading of arms. One fifth of those arms were to go to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was not high on the priority list of Ben Gurion. This was a cause for joy. Then further discussions ensued about whom the arms would go to. The Irgun was being integrated into the IDF. Shouldn't these men have arms? No agreement was reached on the distribution of arms. Suddenly the government washed their hands of it. They would not help with the unloading of arms."We shall not help." That is what the government said. They at no time said do not unload the arms.

The short version of the story is that the ship was surrounded on the beach by government troops who fired on the ship. They shelled the ship and continued to do so. The white flag of surrender was ignored. The ship was destroyed. Good men were killed. All for what? Ben Gurion's plan to get rid of a serious political rival. False rumors were spread that the arms were to be used for a revolt against the government. After what was done the members of the Irgun would have had good reason to revolt. Jews had shot and killed other Jews. The irony resonates all these years later in the tragic death of Rabin. We were shocked as a nation that a Jew would have killed Rabin. Jew against Jew. The irony is that Rabin was on that beach with the forces who attacked the Altalena. Begin did not stage a revolt. No civil war. Begin had his priorities in order. First and foremost the Jewish state. We have not seen a leader of his caliber in a long time. I hope the movie does the story justice.

Submitted by Carol