Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Great Columbia Give Away

You can get free speech at Columbia University. They spent the week advertising this leading up to President Ahmadinejads visit. I'm just curious. The people who got to sit in the auditorium didn't have to pay for their seats? I'm guessing tuition alone is not exactly free. I think it was false advertising. I got it for free from Fox News but really I had to pay my cable company so...So I think we can pretty much say this had nothing to do with FREE speech!

I will give the university points for making me feel smart. The President of the university was pumped because this would expose the students to Ahmadinejad. They would hear his ideas and dialogue would ensue. They would learn from it. I learnt everything I need to know about the man in kindergarten. I did not need to hear him live to grasp what he is selling. Open up a newspaper for Gods sake. Go on the web. He doesn't hide who he is.

President Bolinger thought he was like Braveheart. He was going to put the President of Iran in his place. He was tough. Called him out almost to his face. My God he was so enamored of his bravery he couldn't see the train coming down the tracks. He let Ahmadinejad have the last word. He got scolded by Ahmadinejad for being rude. After all he was invited to speak.

The speech went according to script. There were some parts in the beginning that made me feel dizzy. I thought someone had slipped me a date rape drug. But then he got to the part about Israel and the holocaust. The man was focused! He left nothing out. No stone unturned. No lies left untold. No accusations that were true. This is the pathological liar and sociopath I had come to know.

Now on to the Q&A section of the broadcast. We were going to hammer him with our stealth like questions. Well not we but the uber smart students of Columbia University. He could have answered those questions in his sleep. He didn't hesitate or need a moment to form his answers. The questions were so general and vague I think his kids could have managed. The questions were asked by the Dean of International something or other. He could have asked follow up questions. No homosexuals in Iran you say then what about the case of MrX who was stoned to death. Women are on a pedestal you say. Then what did Miss Y do that she is no longer alive because she was executed by your government. The big shots of Columbia didn't do their homework. Just for fun I would have told him that Israel just changed its name from Israel to The Zionist Entity. Then what would he call us?!

What Columbia did was an exercise in futility. They had their 15 minutes of fame and I got to be entertained for a bit. I also got to feel as if maybe I am smart. Anyone who needed that to learn who Ahmadinejad really is should be smacked upside the head. Anyone who felt he had some credibility should just be shot. Anyone who thinks that inviting sociopathic leaders to speak has anything to do with free speech should be sent to live in Iran.

Submitted by Carol


August said...

I thought the decision to have him speak there was foolish. Whatever the intent, the outcome seems to be an American public more willing to tough action against Iran.
I figure those who invited him were the anti-war types. If so, they really screwed up.

johnny maudlin said...

I think this was sort of a tempest in a tea pot. And I agree this was not about free speech. The President of Columbia is a creepy guy, is my impression, who was trying to show himself as being a real hero. He looked like an idiot dissing Abrakadabra, who he had invited. It was a stunt.

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