Saturday, October 6, 2007

Professional Jealousy

Do you think evil gets jealous? Ahmadinejad has been stealing the spotlight lately. His latest headline grabber was to say that the zionists should be sent to Europe, Canada or Alaska. Why no place warm? What did we ever do to him? In any case the other evil doers are getting jealous. What if he gets his own show? So Nasrallah who is no shrinking violet has stepped up to the plate. The leader of Hezbollah shall not be out down.

He spoke at celebrations for Jerusalem Day in Lebanon. He wished that the Arab armies would invade Israel. Basically do what they failed to do in 1967 which was to destroy Israel. Nasrallah is a guy who refuses to give up the spotlight. The sole purpose of his group was to get Israel out of Lebanon. When the Israeli government decided to leave Lebanon and did so he should have been out of a job. But he stayed. In the same speech Nasrallah blamed Israel for the killings of anti Syrian members of parliament in Lebanon. The lack of logic does not escape me. Why would we want to help Syria get a hold in Lebanon? Yet I guess he can do it by once again painting Israeli's as hungry to kill Arabs. People brought up on hatred of Israel will believe him.

Its easy to dismiss all of these truly evil people as crazy. That they are. Ahmadinejad takes the cake followed closely by Chavez of Venezuela. However we should not dismiss them because it is the crazy people who act. Hitler should never have been ignored. The slaughter in Darfur is not committed by sane people but rather the crazies. The camps in North Korea which imprison their own people were built by a crazy man. Add to the mix a few countries like China and Russia that are willing to let the insane thrive because it suits them. Possibly they see a little of themselves in the crazy evil ones. We cannot afford to close our eyes and turn away from the evil. We need our eyes wide open and we need to be prepared for the gathering storm.

Submitted by Carol


BSquared said...

I agree Carol that the current "legitimisation" of Ahmadinejad by some sectors of the media and the wider community is a little disturbing.

In some of the media here there are people bending over backward to distance themselves from people like our Prime Minister John Howard (who is kind of a mini George Bush in terms of black & white attitudes to world affairs). They don't want to be lumped in with people like Bush and Howard or the right wing commentators and so they make comments like "you have to consider all his statements independently of each other...not everything he says is insane". Maybe not but just because a nutcase can have the occasional lucid moment doesn't, in my book, negate the fact they're a nutcase. I'm sure Hitler and Pol Pot and Robert Mugabe have all said at least one sane thing in their lives but they're all scary, crazy people who warrant very careful watching.

I'm especially wary of the crazy but clever people like Ahmadinejad. He's clever enough to have worked out the media and at least some aspects of how western cultures function and he's using those things to his advantage and the supposedly smart folks running our media don't seem to be able to work out they're being used.

Cheers, Bernadette

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