Saturday, October 13, 2007

Before November

November is approaching and people here on both sides of "The fence" are nervously wondering what will happen. Or for that matter there are those who aren't even curious because they believe nothing will happen. Who the hell knows. On the chance that something might happen I want to give my two cents.

As part of this joint declaration of fill in the blank the PA wants Israel to recognize the suffering it caused the Palestinian refugees and it wants compensation for said refugees. I would change the wording of this recognition to reflect the fact that there are refugees due to a war we did not want. I think the statement should also reflect that the continued state of war on the Arabs part intensified or lengthened the suffering of the refugees. The fact that the Palestinians were not encouraged to set up their own state on part of the land affected the refugees as well. Lastly the fact that the refugees living in other Arab countries are kept in camps and some have no civil rights should be acknowledged. Then I can recognize that the war for our independence created a refugee problem and because we did what you do in a war there are refugees from villages that no longer exist. The monetary compensation could come from Arab countries in payment to the 700,000- 900,000 Jews that had to flee Arab countries due to persecution. Lets get it all out there.

While we are at it we should have the PA clarify some things. Or is the phrase declare? Lets start with them acknowledging that we have a history that ties us to this land just as they have a history here. In addition our temple stood on the Temple Mount and therefore we should be able to share the area. The same should go for the cave of the patriarchs. Why should we not have any control over it? Yosef's tomb in Nablus could be administered by a Jewish religious trust just like the waqf.

All I'm saying is it cuts both ways. We do not constantly need to give and not get in return. My fear is that Olmert once again is stumbling around, happy that he still has a job. God knows what he will get us into. Hamas however could squash it all if it unleashes the longer range rockets that Egypt let them smuggle into Gaza. Hopefully that scenario will not happen and we are able to take some baby steps forward. I only hope someone on the negotiating team reads this blog so that both sides get to move forward.


Charley W. said...

I'm not on the negotiating team, but all my friends are. I'll make sure they get it.

. said...

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