Monday, September 10, 2007


The eternal question. Why should this year be different than any other year. The holidays are upon us. No where to run. So today I braved the mobs of Israelis buying food for their holiday celebrations. As all good Jews know you can never have too much food. Add that to the fact that stores will be closed for three days. Holy crap! We could starve. What if they never open again?! We must buy more food! So I am pushing my cart which is groaning under the weight from all the food and I make it to the check out counter. I look at the persons cart in front of me. Oh my God! They have more food then I do. Doubt quickly sets in. I obviously did not buy enough. Never mind that they are feeding a family of twenty and I am not. I just know we are going to be hungry.

Now I am back home. The deed is done. Could I please relax now. Hell no! The gefilte fish is not made yet. No fish from a jar for this family. Everything else on the table is mere window dressing for the gefilte fish. The making of the fish starts tomorrow. Until then I worry. Will it be a good batch this year.

Every year it is the same story. Worry and stress and cleaning and cooking and a touch more stress. But as every year once the food is on the table its such a great feeling to have my family around. Things are once again right with the world. Syria wants to run to the UN security council for yet another resolution. Iran wants a seat on the security council. I yes. Things are as they always seem to be.

In case I don't have time before I make the fish I'd like to wish all of you a shana tova.


Charley W. said...


Seth J. said...

Here's my question... if you are religious, and you have a triple header (two yomtovs and Shabbos colliding), is there ANY dispensation to get some tasks done? Like... ripping the toilet paper!? Lighting a new fire? Setting the microwave on a timer? Hiring someone? I mean, unless it's nothing but baloney sandwiches for 48 hours, what are you supposed to do?

Just Us said...

I am not religious but what I understand is that you can leave the stove on and cook. You just can't light a flame. I believe timers would work as well.

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