Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Headline News

People never cease to amaze me. Our government leaders being at the forefront of this group. I could laugh but then I realize they are getting paid and a salary much higher than mine. This makes them considerably less amusing in my eyes.

I went to see what was going on in the news. Imagine my shock to see the headline "Gaza a Hostile Entity"Shock and awe. The cabinet voted for this proclamation. No one voted against it. What an accomplishment. The kicker is that they did this so they could enforce sanctions on Gaza adding that they would use none that would harm the Palestinian civilians. I can't wait to hear how that will work. What kind of sanctions could those be? Will they not allow the Gazans to watch crappy Israeli TV? Lucky Gazans. Don't get me wrong. I am all for tightening the noose around Hamas' neck. I just don't think we had to go this route to do it. We state the obvious so we can do what? Make more silly statements. And okay I do like the extra hot channel on TV.

We however are not alone in this. The next headline was "Hamas is a hostile group" That came from our BFF Condeleeza Rice. You go girl. Say it sista. Hamas a terrorist organization who wants to destroy Israel is hostile. Maybe they just need a little anger management.

No worries. The leaders of Hamas get there moment too. We are fair. So Hamas has decided that "Cabinet decision a declaration of war." Yeah yeah yeah. Heard it all before. Yawn. Their loosing their creativity as they twist reality. They keep making the same stale statements. Now Iran is still a bit entertaining. At least until they try to nuke us. But in the mean time they have said "We can bomb back" This in reference to their claim that we might try to bomb them because of their nuclear capability. Well so what. We'll just bomb you right back. Hah! Man am I good when it comes to a smack down with Iran.

Do not fear for Israel. Yes our leader is a moron. Yes we are surrounded by enemies. But the Israeli army is on the job. The latest headline about the army and its plans to rehabilitate itself proves we need not fear because "IDF Forms Dance Troupe to Fight Draft Dodging" Oh hell, I'm going to the bomb shelter now!

Submitted by Carol