Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not Now

Maybe later. Syria and Israel are not at war so we do already have a kind of peace. Our border with Syria is quiet. Our border with Egypt is not so quiet and we have a signed piece of paper that says we have peace. But they allow arms smuggling to our enemy Hamas. 

Eventually we will have to deal with Syria but I think we need to concentrate on only one thing right now. Figuring out how to deal with the Hamas/Fatah dynamic so we can reach an agreement which will end in two states for two people. As I view the dynamics of the region I see this as of major importance. Of course there is the obvious which is an end to the already too long conflict. The other reason is Iran. Iran is itching to get its claws into the area. It doesn't need a nuclear bomb. In fact the logistics of bombing Israel and not destroying Jerusalem and some of the neighboring Arab countries is pretty impossible. Even a dirty bomb poses most of the same problems. Now Syria and Iran have bonded. Syria arms Hezbollah with weapons from Iran. Syrias venture into nuclear something or other is in my opinion connected to Iran. While the IAEA was busy focussing on Iran, Syria was quietly building a secret reactor or nuclear bomb making plant with the help of the North Koreans. Smoke and mirrors. A good trick that luckily did not succeed. So back to the premise. How does Iran destroy Israel without directly bombing it? 

Lets go with the land for peace formula. Israel gives back the Golan Heights. Syria puts a civilian population on the Golan Heights. Then Syria puts a resistance movement on the Golan Heights. Well I would call them terrorists but thats just me. Everyone has learned from the Hezbollah Second Lebanon War example. Its the homefront stupid. They hit us just like Hezbollah and just like Hamas and friends in Gaza. We are then forced to hit back at a population center. You can all say its an act of war if we are hit. I say yada yada yada. What Hezbollah did was an act of war and we are still at fault because of civilian deaths. What is happening in Gaza is our fault because there are civilian deaths. The formula has been perfected. We don't have an answer to it. Not yet anyway. You need finesse to answer this kind of crap and we have no leaders who know what finesse means. 

So the argument that the height of the Golan Heights is not strategically important anymore due to advanced technology may or may not be true. It doesn't matter. Its not part of the equation. When we left Gaza the feeling was that the terrorists would do what they wanted. They were shooting at the settlers anyway. Except now they are closer to our population centers and things have gotten so much worse since we pulled out.

Once we have an agreement with the Palestinians we can deal with Syria. Until then they are a pawn of Iran who wants to destroy Israel and who wants control in Jerusalem. Its the whole Sunni/ Shiite thing. We need to take away the motivation to destroy our great country. Then we can deal with the Golan Heights which I think some parts of should stay permanently in our hands. 

Submitted by Carol