Sunday, August 12, 2007

Laughter With My Coffee

I'm not working today so I was able to really enjoy my morning coffee along with reading the newspaper. Rarely does news from around here make me laugh. Looks like today is gonna be a great day.

The first news item was about Arafat, the late Chairman of the Palestinian Authority and founder of the PLO. Dr al Kurdi was interviewed on Al Jazeera. He was Arafat's personal physician. The interview was cut short as soon as the doctor mentioned that Arafat had contracted HIV! Amman a Jordanian news site quotes the doctor as saying that the virus had been injected into Arafat's bloodstream close to his death. The real cause of death was poisoning according to the good doctor. He knows this even though when Arafat's condition worsened he was not called in. Suha would not let him see Arafat in the Paris hospital where he was being treated. Aids is not funny. Not even when Arafat has it. The funny is in the ridiculous cover up. If I were Suha I would stop blaming Ariel Sharon for poisoning him and go get myself tested!

The big laugh for me came with this headline in HaAretz-"Israeli Website causes New York City to Up Counterterrorism Precautions. Is this for real or is Jack Bauer a FICTIONAL character running CTU in New York City these days! Deputy Police Commissioner Browne said the measures taken were strictly precautionary.Homeland Security and the FBI said there were no credible threats. The mayor of NY Michael Bloomberg said the police measures were nothing out of the ordinary. Never the less the police deployed extra radiological sensors on street, water and air patrols. They stopped vehicles at checkpoints in lower Manhattan and around the city. Their source you might ask? DEBKAfile! For those not in the know DEBKAfile is a right wing Israeli news and opinion site. They talked about the possibility of a dirty bomb carried by trucks against America's biggest city and financial nerve center. I do not mean to disparage the people who work at DEBKAfile. But come on folks. Does anyone really think they are so well connected that they can get the scoop from Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group? If that's the case then governments should start listening to our podcast Israelisms for advice on Middle East policy. Okay well I really do believe they need my advice! Now any site has the right to say they think there is a possibility that something or other will happen because of whatever they may have found while surfing the web. It may even happen that their scenario actually happens. Yet anyone who believes its because they are getting inside info is not living in reality. My advice to New York is simple. Treat every day like there will be an attack. In the mean time I had a good laugh. I raise my cup to DEBKAfile and to the Deputy Police Commissioner. I think I can hear the terrorists laughing as well.

Submitted by Carol


sybian said...

I'm a 4th Generation Brooklyn,NY-American & quite frankly I haven't seen an NYPD & Federal response like this since 9/11. And bear in mind we've had tons of threats since 9/11, some far more credible on the face of it then the Politico-Bureacrats are letting on to.
This is the real deal & the Islamo-Fascist 7th Century Death Cult has just turned the corner & is heading right down the block for us.
As my wife said to me when we finally got in touch the morning of 9/11; "How did you know?"

Just Us said...

Sybian-I'm not saying it couldn't happen or it won't happen. I always felt the US would be targeted even before 9/11 I just never imagined the magnitude of the attack. I just thought it was funny that they sited DEBKAfile. And the advice I gave still goes. New York has to treat every day as if its the day an attack will occur.

Stay safe.I love Brooklyn!

Joseph said...

Brooklyn is nice, if you can stand the tornadoes.
BTW, is there any way to get a message in my Inbox when you post a new blog entry? I happened to notice on Facebook that you were writing, but it would be convenient to get an automatic notice. Is there somewhere to sign up for that?

Charley W. said... should subscribe using the RSS option. The blog will be delivered automatically. Sometimes even before Carol writes it, which is REALLY cool.

My opinion? DEBKAfile poisoned Arafat.

Charley W. said...

By the way...I saw The Islamo-Fascist 7th Century Death Cult in concert last year and they were AWESOME!

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