Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No Excuses

I am starting to slide back to my slacker ways by not blogging and I will have none of it. There are enough slackers in this country. We had the Winograd report. I think the earthquake was a big fat zero on the Richter scale. Some army reservists and officers demonstrated. Joining them were the families who lost someone in the war. A couple thousand protesters at best. They should have had the demonstration at the water cooler at work. People congregate their all the time and this way they wouldn't have to be asked to make an effort. Of course we all know that everyone is ready to spout off while waiting to get a drink. They'll tell you what you want to know. Just don't ask them to make an effort.

Yesterday we had a dynamic duo from Hebron who wanted to do some shopping in Dimona. They probably got ticked off because there were no sales so they decided to blow people up. First one. Then when security and the ambulances came the other was supposed to but he was spotted and got shot in the head before he could push the button. Do you think the successful one is gloating because he has 72 virgins and his buddy doesn't. You'd think he'd at least share and give his friend one of them. One woman died and her husband is in critical condition. The UN apologizes and says that they are sorry but they cannot condemn these attacks because only one person died. When the Palestinians are able to kill more Israeli's so that the number is proportionate they will at the very least fret and wring their hands . So the qassams that only injured a woman today don't count in our favor at all. Do you see a pattern here as to the mood I'm in?

I think I'll be watching the results of Super Tuesday. I voted! At least for a bit there will be something interesting on TV. That is until the results get analyzed to death. Oh let me go take a happy pill.

Submitted by Carol