Monday, March 31, 2008


I guess I need to add my 2 cents to the talk about this movie made by the Dutch member of parliament. For those that have not seen it the majority of the film consists of verses from the Qu'ran paired with speeches made by radical Islamic leaders. The verses are also paired with scenes from 9/11 and scenes from suicide bombings that took place in Israel. The later part f the film shows statistics pointing to the growth of Islam in Holland and in the world. This is paired with speeches by radical Islamic leaders where they talk about their quest for world dominance.

As a Jew I could not help but think how easily someone could take bits of text from the Torah to do something similar to the Jews. This guy crossed a dangerous line by using the religion to make a case against radical Islam. It will fuel those bigots who cannot or do not want to see the manipulation.  He seems to have a great fear of Islam taking over the world. I believe that is his motivation for making the film.

I hate radical Islam and all its bigotry and hate that they promote. This film however is the wrong answer to the problem of radical Islam. Hopefully his 15 minutes of fame will end and not in violence by either side. 


Bernadette in Australia said...

You could do the same thing with the Christian bible too. Some people have done hideous things to other people in the name of some kind of Christianity that is completely foreign to me. I would hate to be judged as a Christian by the words or actions of Fred Phelps (awful man founded the Westbro Baptist Church which owns the domain name godhatesfags) or Fred Nile (an odious fundamentalist Christian preacher in Australia who preaches hatred of gay people, most women and a host of other 'not quite right' people).

Fundamentalists of any persuasion scare me equally and none of them will be successfully dealt with by making films like this.

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