Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bottom of the Ninth

Gaza is sinking under the weight of the failed policies of Fatah and Hamas. Fatah, the moderate terrorists, were a corrupt leadership that stole from the people . Hamas gained power. Hamas, the extreme terrorists , turned Gaza into a military zone from which to strike Israel. Hamas brought millions into Gaza through Egypt. None of the money however has been seen since. Power, a more important commodity than the people, can be an elusive thing. Hamas not wanting to loose it to Fatah decided to declare war on Fatah before the scales tipped in favor of Fatah. The Saudi's brokered the Mecca deal which was built on air. This deal was supposed to stop the fighting between Hamas and Fatah. It gave the Palestinians an illusion of a unity government. Hamas never intended to work hand in hand with Fatah. What they needed was time. Time to regroup and get stronger. The Mecca deal was a godsend. The Saudis seem to have no desire to take control. Maybe their fear of Iran has passed for the moment. I would prefer to sit on the sidelines and watch. However Hamas who is looking for cover for their murderous deeds wants to use Israel. Over a hundred Quassam rockets have landed in Israel. It's no longer a spectator sport for us.

It's time for Egypt to step up to the plate. Egypt needs to take it's security force and go into Gaza. They need to stop the violence by patrolling the streets. They need to put an end to the anarchy for as long as it takes. They need to arrest anyone that picks up a gun to kill a rival. The people of Gaza need to feel safe on their own streets and so do we. Egyptian forces could put an end to rocket launches. This force would have to remain until such time when someone is willing and able to govern and create a positive society not based on terrorism. This is a price that Egypt should be willing to pay.

Gaza has a porous border with Egypt. The terrorists slip through to Egypt and become just one more headache they can ill afford. Egypt is currently struggling with the Islamic Brotherhood who would love to turn Egypt into an extremist Islamic state. Having Hamas gain total control over Gaza does not bode well for Egypt. In addition to Hamas' fight with Israel they also want to create an extremist Islamic state. Having their neighbor Gaza turn into an island of extremism is bad for Egypt, It could easily spill over to Egypt. Like it or not Egypt has to take steps. All the moderate Arab countries supported terrorism when it was against Israel. Now it has come around to bite them. The terrorists want complete control of the region. Israel is but the cherry on the top. Sadly I cannot add to the reasons Egypt should do this the most important reason of all. The fact that the Palestinians need their help. They are suffering at the hands of their failed leadership. A leadership that chose to build a terrorist entity instead of reaping the fruits of the disengagement.

I hope Egypt realizes that the days of appeasement are over if they want to survive. I can only hope that the Palestinian people realize they have been lied to and used by the terrorists. The Palestinians must take reponsibility for their future. No other Arab state cares enough to do it for them. In the meantime it's the bottom of the ninth and the Egyptians are up to bat.

Submitted by Carol