Monday, June 25, 2007

Marking The Day

I had several titles for this post. Happy anniversary seemed too insensitive. Then there was something I was working on that had to do with them stealing the show. It could have been called the long hot summer as well. All of it boils down to this, it has been a year since Hamas kidnapped Gilad Shalit and as a present we got a tape of his voice. A sign of life. Maybe. No way of knowing when it was recorded. Oh lets get real. It wasn't really a gift to us. It was a little something Hamas did just for itself. A little victory present. Lets celebrate our victory by showing how heartless we really are.Then lets put on some ski masks and go look for Fatah remnants to shoot. A good time was had by all.

Some wise men are saying that this is a sign from Hamas that they are ready to deal. They feel like they are in the drivers seat. King of the world when in reality they are the dark lords of a hell hole they created in Gaza. So what do we do? I don't think we could rescue him even if we could pinpoint his location. No commando unit is getting near him without someone seeing something and blowing the whistle. If by some strange alignment of the stars they were able to get to where he was he would be dead as soon as our guys made their move. Picture the BBC reporter with an explosives belt strapped to him. You don't even have to use your imagination for that one. We have a picture to prove it. So unless we have a drug that could sedate all of Gaza while we look for him it isn't an option. In my opinion the only prisoners we should release are from Fatah. I don't suddenly think Fatah are the good guys. I think Hamas is the door that Al Qaeda will step through. So we release only Fatah men and only to Abbas. If your from Hamas you can continue to enjoy your stay . Then we find a way to tighten the noose. Just a little.

Today was Olmert's big day. Hanging with da boys in Sharm. Olmert wouldn't let go of Abbas as the cameras snapped their picture. He really tried to flash his pearly whites for the short time he was in the lime light.Hamas stole that thunder with the release of the tape. Never you mind. Just work on squeezing Hamas out. I in turn will pray for Gilad, his family and friends. I pray that they stay strong and I pray for a miracle.

On our northern border there was a seemingly unconnected incident. An explosion in Lebanon not far from our border that targeted UNIFIL. As Hamas fades into Al Qaeda so goes Hezbollah. We should probably be good neighbors and bring them a little welcome to the neighborhood gift. Lets say in the form of a chocolate cake although they are probably hoping for the kind of cake where an Israeli soldier pops out! We have a long hot summer ahead of us as we try to understand and unravel the tangle of events and I will be praying for wisdom.

Submitted by Carol