Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trix Are For Kids

Anyone from the good old USA knows the commercial for Trix, the kids cereal. The one with the cute cartoon rabbit who tries desperately to get his hands on a bowl of Trix cereal. Each and every time he gets it snatched away from him at the last second. The tag line being "Crazy rabbit, Trix are for kids!" Maybe we could learn something from it.

This morning in HaAretz I read the headline "PM sends new message to Assad." It went on to talk about "interesting nuances" that the message contained. This according to an unnamed source albeit a senior political one . The message was sent through the Greek Foreign Minister who was in Israel yesterday and would be travelling to Damascus. Be still my little bunny rabbit heart. Hope springs eternal only to be dashed in the second paragraph of said article. The Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesman said he was surprised at the news. After all they are not mediators or envoys in this little part of the world. And so it goes.

For weeks we have been receiving news about Syria. One day they want to talk. The next day they don't and are arming themselves. Then there is news of Olmert sending Assad messages which are later denied. Then the Syrians have a military exercise near the Golan. After which there is news about our plans in case of attack. Just when you think the summers blockbuster war with Syria is coming soon there is news to the contrary. My head is spinning.

I'm one of the little guys. No political connections. No advisors on Syrian affairs and I know no one that has studied Assad and can talk about what he is likely to do. Truth be told I have no idea what to make of this mess. I can't fathom what Assad is up to these days. Does he want peace? Maybe. Is Olmert really willing to talk with Assad or is it all in the name of his political survival? A resounding "I don't know."

Here is what I do know. If it doesn't look like peace or sound like peace its not peace. Peace looks like Anwar Sadat and it sounds like Anwar Sadat speaking in the Knesset. It also looks and sounds like Menachem Begin his partner in peace. It doesn't resemble Arafat and his peace of the brave. That resembles something else entirely! It resembles King Hussein of Jordan and his peace with Israel. It doesn't resemble anything that Assad has to offer. You can't talk peace and arm terrorists. You can't talk peace and threaten Israel with the tactics of Hezbollah.

Instead of all this empty meaningless talk lets try something else. How about a joint agricultural project with Syria? But hey we have no peace treaty you say. I say so what! We aren't at war. No one is currently fighting. Its a win win. You just have to think outside of the cereal box

All this talk is making me hungry but I will not grab for that bowl of Trix. They won't let me have it. I don't want to be like the Trix rabbit. Having no peace treaty is better than having delusions that if we just did what they want we will have peace. It is better than a peace treaty in which we have to accept terrorism or one that sets us up for a fatal attack. What we need is patience. On the mean time I'll have a bowl of Lucky Charms. It couldn't hurt and they are "magically delicious!"

Submitted by Carol